How To Make Your Rented Place A Home

In this day and age, buying your own house is literally almost impossible to afford, so renting a place is the best option for most young millennials that want to move out of their parents home and have their own space.

But with renting obviously comes restrictions. You can’t just waltz in and decide to rip out a wall or two and install a bowling ally in the spare room, because I doubt Gary the Landlord would be happy about it to say the least.

But luckily, I have a few tips on what you can do to put your own touch in your place to make it feel yours without breaking any rules.

Now firstly, depending on what your agreements are, your landlord may be nice enough to allow you to paint your place while you live there. If so, I would advise keeping it way netural. So in the case you move out, it makes it easy to paint over. So a good ol’ bright white should do it. It’s clean, sharp and adds light into small rooms. Plus it’s so easy to decorate the house with little trinkets and what not because what doesn’t go with white?

I went from a magnolia and coffee coloured flat that made it look dark and sad, to a lovely open bright white walls with one feature grey wall where the coffee colour used to be. It changes the whole atmosphere.



Obviously we’ve thrown in a few more touches like our own tv unit/ shelves, and Marek sanded and re varnished the old coffee table that was in here when we moved in (its hard to tell in the before photo but it looks old and gross).

Speaking of furniture, ours came pre-furnished, and although helpful, it also means it might not look great or match any design ideas you had popping around in your head before moving in. In this case, You can splash out on a couch cover (I looked a replacement covers for our sofa and it was in the hundreds) or throws and blankets are your new best friend.

photo_2017-09-29_12-09-27OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


(Where to buy: Cushions H&M, Throws Wilko)

Now we move on to tiles. I hated the tiles i had in my kitchen and bathroom. I’m just a fan of bright and clean looking spaces. And the blue wasn’t doing it for me at all. So, as i couldn’t just rip them all out without getting kicked out, I covered them up.

It was long and painful, and I gave up for long intervals in between because i couldn’t be bothered to cut them out anymore, but I did it. All with the help of sticky back plastic vinyl. And along with Mareks amazing job at painting the equally as hideous blue cupboards, I think it looks bloody good if I do say so myself.


Side note: My flat didn’t come equip with much space, inducing the fact there’s no cutlery drawer, so I improvised with this holder from Ebay, cute right?

Sticky Back Vinyl: Wilko


So there you have it! These things combined with a whole lot of personal touch trinkets, and tada! a house to a home.

Most of the things I used to achieve this homely presence are all from my fav go to shop, Wilko. Everything in there is so affordable, and very good quality. The sticky back vinyl was only £4 for a big roll and it only took me around 2/ 3 to to everything.

Hope this helps some people! I’m thinking of buying a whole bunch of autumnal decor so I may do another house tour soon! (I also have a Halloween themed week of posts possibly coming too so keep eyes peeled!)

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Self Confidence


For literally the entirety of my life, I’ve struggled with self confidence. I’ve never believed very much in myself or anything that I do. I constantly need approval from others and never trust myself.

It’s honestly exhausting. I always worry about what other people think of me and if I feel negatively about it, I probably will avoid it even if it’s something I really want to do.  For example, this blog, which I hide and pretend doesn’t exist to everyone I know because I would feel embarrassed. Even though I also want people to read it? Like how do you expect that to work mate?

Or the fact that I like fashion a lot, and follow so many amazing fashion accounts, but never try and experiment myself because I feel so uncomfortable when I do dress nicely and people compliment me.

I genuinely don’t know how to accept it positively. I kind of disregard it and throw it off immediately. A friend told me she loved the photo I posted of my before and after kitchen on instagram, and instead of thanking her, I straight away put myself down and said “oh yeah the tiles don’t look good up close though, I cut the marble adhesive really badly.” JUST ACCEPT PEOPLES COMPLIMENTS.

The same with my new job, it’s literally based around creating outfit suggestions for customers. And it’s a struggle. I feel like I just don’t trust my own judgement and ideas, and it’s a hard thing to over come.

Since I was little, any sort of feedback about how I was doing in school, and now even work, always highlights now I need to work on my confidence with myself, and not want people to constantly approve what I’m doing before I do it.

When you’ve been a certain way for a long time it’s really hard to break out of it, I even ask Marek frequently if he’s still sure he wants to be with me and if he even likes me. Yes. Seriously. I’m that girl that would need confirmation that my husband does in fact, want to marry me on my wedding day.

And I know it drives him insane too. Even I know it’s ridiculous and I know I’m actually quite good at a thing or two, but it doesn’t ever stop me from questioning it.

If anyone else struggles with this kind of mindset, I’d love to know, it might make me feel a bit better that I’m not the only one fighting with myself.

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Weekend in London

Last weekend, myself and Marek went to London as we both had the weekend off in order to prematurely celebrate his birthday.

It was such a lovely weekend, even with the EXTREME pain I endured from the stupid shoes I wore. Why are all pretty shoes painful? Like, how in any way is that fair?

We took a ride on the London Eye,  Popped by Queen Lizzys, and visited a museum involving planes where at this point I was a *bit* concerned I wouldn’t ever be able to make Marek leave from the excitement that he almost burst with when we first entered the room. The nerd is strong in this one.



We were ever so kindly upgraded to the honeymoon suite by the hotel when we arrived, which was GORGEOUS. I would 100% recommend The Blakemore Hotel if you’re looking for a nice place to stay.


The second day consisted of us shopping until we literally dropped. And anyone who happens to work in the oxford street Primark, I salute you and pray for you guys. It’s MENTAL in there. I don’t know how staff do it.


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Spending Money And Not Feeling Guilty About It


In the wise words of the infamous Tom Havorford & his partner in crime Donna, “Treat yo’ self.” Which is something I’ve been trying to drill into my brain for a while now.

I grew up in a family who could pay bills, buy food and that was about as far as income would stretch. I learned that you had to plan your budget carefully, and luxury’s were something you either saved for or couldn’t have.

I appreciate this way of life very much so, as it’s helped me to be very frugal with my money and I always have everything paid for and accounted for no matter what.

(p.s.  the word ‘frugal’ always reminds me of the trait you can give your sims which is where I originally learnt it 😂)

However, this way of life has also made me very reluctant to spend money on almost ANYTHING other than what I consider important like bills. I was literally forced by Marek to buy new underwear and socks because he couldn’t stand the sight of how worn out they were any longer.

I even felt bad buying pyjamas, but I was sick of feeling gross in old stained t-shirts and wanted to have cute cool ones like I see all over instagram, so I sucked it up and bought a few pairs.

And you know what? I feel so much better.

I even pulled a bit of an ol’ rebel move today and bought a keyring from skinny dip I’d been eyeing longingly for ages, literally the second I got an email saying it was back in stock, instead of leaving it in the ‘saved items’ section of the Asos app until the end of the universes’ existence.

So here’s to being nicer to myself! Stay tuned for the probable part 2: I Cant Stop Spending once I get too comfortable. *sigh*



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I’m ‘Boring’ And Why I’m Okay With That


Today, I am having major holiday blues. Facebook did that fab thing where it reminds you what you were doing “this time a year ago” and up popped a photo of me and Marek chillin’ on the beach in Mexico.

I’ve low key been sulking all week about it as it is tbh, because it was one of the rare times I did “do something”  and yet this year, I am sitting in bed, in England, waiting to leave for work. TRAGIC.

However, I also remember, that I LIKE being at home. And even while I was in Mexico, I was 100% ready to come home like a day before my holiday ended. I know at this current moment time I do wish I was almost 5000 miles away on a beach in the sea (YES I googled how far away it was) but the difference is, whenever I get upset because I see people on social media out every night somewhere exciting or on holiday every 3 weeks, I try to remind myself I’d hate that. I’d be EXHAUSTED.

I’d much rather spend my days off literally just slobbing it out at home in front of the tv, a big ‘ol cup of tea in hand, binging a tv show or playing a few games (Breath Of The Wild is my current ❤) than having a packed weekend full of socializing with different people. And that’s okay.

I always feel embarrassed when I book a week or so off of work, and people ask what I did and I say “not much really” because I feel like people think i’m about as fun as a led balloon if I don’t list them a huge list of things I did like, bungy jumping off of Big Ben or swimming with sharks, but if I enjoyed myself “doing nothing” what’s the problem?

I think, sometimes it’s what puts me off of blogging too, because I don’t have something to brag about every post, I feel like there’s nothing to write about, so I’ve decided to give myself a break. This is my blog, so even if I feel like it’s boring af, I’m going to post it, because it’s interesting to me.


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#WhatIWatched | February ’17

popcorn 4x3.jpg

This month isn’t a long one, as I actually didn’t find myself sitting down watching something everyday, due to life simply being a bit, well, busy. So y’know I apologize for the fact that this post is so late into March.


Sneaky Pete

This show actually surprised me, as initially I didn’t expect it to be something that held my interest. I was wrong. The show is incredibly enticing with all of the mischief “Pete” gets up to, it really puts you in a good few nail biting/  ‘HOW did he do that?’ moments. Not to mention the “bad guy” role is played by none other than the fabulous Brian Cranston. Think Walter White, expect with more style, charm and a young pretty lady on his arm. The show could have ended at the end of the series, however the cliffhanger its left on seems equally exciting and I can’t wait to see the new set of problems ahead.

Bates Motel

I love this show. A “prequel spin off” of the 1960’s Classic Film Psycho, Bates Motel shows us the childhood of main character Norman and his life growing up with his mother Norma, how they first started up the business, and the story of Norman’s slow decent into the disturbed character he portrayed in the film. The show is so gripping, you really find yourself becoming emotionally invested in so many of the characters. I am yet to start season 5, as I want to binge them all at once without having to wait a week for the next episode, because I am the worst and have 0 patience.


The Girl On The Train

Wow. This film was incredibleeee. The twists and turns this film takes is thrilling. While at first disliking the main character, as the story develops, you begin to feel bad for hating her so much. I experienced a lot of stressful shouting moments throughout this film and it’s safe to say I could have done with a drink at the end LOL. This film really highlights the ugliness and toxicity of what some relationships can be. A must watch.

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The Very Tired Girl


 These last two weeks seem to have blended into each other for me, I feel like I’m in a weird movie montage where there’s just loads of little chopped up clips of my life, and at the end there’s just a shot of me collapsing on a bed.

Last week I went to the dentist, to get a full checkup and x ray of my arsehole of a wisdom tooth that started growing through, which turns out is slightly impacted, so if I happen to start getting infections, it will have to come out. Sick.

While I was there I also had to get a filling, which cost me FIFTY THREE POUNDS.  On the same day as my brothers 16th birthday, who literally minutes before the appointment, I had stuffed a load of cash into his card. This left me poor for the remainder of the week.

Look after your teeth kids, shits expensive. And painful. V painful.

The rest of the week, I was lucky enough to get in a bit of visual training, which I won’t lie, I had no fucking clue what I was doing as it had been so long, and the first day I was slower than a snail at everything, but I learned how to dress and style mannequins, and folded a tables that took me HOURS that was later destroyed by evil people who want to watch the world burn.


Why cant people just neatly lift the pile for the size they need and then put it back? *sobs* WHY?!

Also, lifting and dressing 9 adult sized mannequins? IT HURTS. The day after I woke up and felt like I’d fallen down at least 45 flights of stairs.


Valentines day, Marek made dinner, and I followed up with some “Valentines Sundaes” which was essentially some good ol’ Haagen Dazs, strawberry cheesecake flavoured, with some whipped cream and strawberry sauce. And not to brag, but daaamn it was good.


The rest of the week I went back to shifts ending at 7/7:30pm and on my sixth day in a row at work yesterday, I honestly don’t know how I made it through the day without killing someone or crying tbh.

Anyone wants me? I’ll be in my bed for the rest of the weekend making no noise and pretending I don’t exist.

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