How To Make Your Rented Place A Home

In this day and age, buying your own house is literally almost impossible to afford, so renting a place is the best option for most young millennials that want to move out of their parents home and have their own space.

But with renting obviously comes restrictions. You can’t just waltz in and decide to rip out a wall or two and install a bowling ally in the spare room, because I doubt Gary the Landlord would be happy about it to say the least.

But luckily, I have a few tips on what you can do to put your own touch in your place to make it feel yours without breaking any rules.

Now firstly, depending on what your agreements are, your landlord may be nice enough to allow you to paint your place while you live there. If so, I would advise keeping it way netural. So in the case you move out, it makes it easy to paint over. So a good ol’ bright white should do it. It’s clean, sharp and adds light into small rooms. Plus it’s so easy to decorate the house with little trinkets and what not because what doesn’t go with white?

I went from a magnolia and coffee coloured flat that made it look dark and sad, to a lovely open bright white walls with one feature grey wall where the coffee colour used to be. It changes the whole atmosphere.



Obviously we’ve thrown in a few more touches like our own tv unit/ shelves, and Marek sanded and re varnished the old coffee table that was in here when we moved in (its hard to tell in the before photo but it looks old and gross).

Speaking of furniture, ours came pre-furnished, and although helpful, it also means it might not look great or match any design ideas you had popping around in your head before moving in. In this case, You can splash out on a couch cover (I looked a replacement covers for our sofa and it was in the hundreds) or throws and blankets are your new best friend.

photo_2017-09-29_12-09-27OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


(Where to buy: Cushions H&M, Throws Wilko)

Now we move on to tiles. I hated the tiles i had in my kitchen and bathroom. I’m just a fan of bright and clean looking spaces. And the blue wasn’t doing it for me at all. So, as i couldn’t just rip them all out without getting kicked out, I covered them up.

It was long and painful, and I gave up for long intervals in between because i couldn’t be bothered to cut them out anymore, but I did it. All with the help of sticky back plastic vinyl. And along with Mareks amazing job at painting the equally as hideous blue cupboards, I think it looks bloody good if I do say so myself.


Side note: My flat didn’t come equip with much space, inducing the fact there’s no cutlery drawer, so I improvised with this holder from Ebay, cute right?

Sticky Back Vinyl: Wilko


So there you have it! These things combined with a whole lot of personal touch trinkets, and tada! a house to a home.

Most of the things I used to achieve this homely presence are all from my fav go to shop, Wilko. Everything in there is so affordable, and very good quality. The sticky back vinyl was only £4 for a big roll and it only took me around 2/ 3 to to everything.

Hope this helps some people! I’m thinking of buying a whole bunch of autumnal decor so I may do another house tour soon! (I also have a Halloween themed week of posts possibly coming too so keep eyes peeled!)

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Self Confidence


For literally the entirety of my life, I’ve struggled with self confidence. I’ve never believed very much in myself or anything that I do. I constantly need approval from others and never trust myself.

It’s honestly exhausting. I always worry about what other people think of me and if I feel negatively about it, I probably will avoid it even if it’s something I really want to do.  For example, this blog, which I hide and pretend doesn’t exist to everyone I know because I would feel embarrassed. Even though I also want people to read it? Like how do you expect that to work mate?

Or the fact that I like fashion a lot, and follow so many amazing fashion accounts, but never try and experiment myself because I feel so uncomfortable when I do dress nicely and people compliment me.

I genuinely don’t know how to accept it positively. I kind of disregard it and throw it off immediately. A friend told me she loved the photo I posted of my before and after kitchen on instagram, and instead of thanking her, I straight away put myself down and said “oh yeah the tiles don’t look good up close though, I cut the marble adhesive really badly.” JUST ACCEPT PEOPLES COMPLIMENTS.

The same with my new job, it’s literally based around creating outfit suggestions for customers. And it’s a struggle. I feel like I just don’t trust my own judgement and ideas, and it’s a hard thing to over come.

Since I was little, any sort of feedback about how I was doing in school, and now even work, always highlights now I need to work on my confidence with myself, and not want people to constantly approve what I’m doing before I do it.

When you’ve been a certain way for a long time it’s really hard to break out of it, I even ask Marek frequently if he’s still sure he wants to be with me and if he even likes me. Yes. Seriously. I’m that girl that would need confirmation that my husband does in fact, want to marry me on my wedding day.

And I know it drives him insane too. Even I know it’s ridiculous and I know I’m actually quite good at a thing or two, but it doesn’t ever stop me from questioning it.

If anyone else struggles with this kind of mindset, I’d love to know, it might make me feel a bit better that I’m not the only one fighting with myself.

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Life Lately: Girl Boss & Gear Sticks


Oh, hey.

I felt it was time to give an update on everything going on in life, because y’know things are changing and moving up in the Charlotte world, and I want to chat about it.

Firstly, I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the fact I finally got to kit out the flat in ridiculously over the top decorations for Mareks birthday (I’m obvs still a bit sour that we moved into the flat too near to Christmas so that I couldn’t go so crazy that you wouldn’t be able to breath without a face full of baubles and reindeer sculptures).



It’s still not to the level I would have liked because of insufficient funds from the London trip and present buying (how inconsiderate to have a week before pay day right? *tuts*) but that’s okay, there’s still Halloween and this years Christmas to fulfill my need to be unnecessarily dramatic about a holiday. Much to Mareks horror I’m sure because I’m still being shouted at for finding confetti everywhere (this includes from my sister who does not in fact even live in my house, and found it in her bag) Sorry not sorry m8.


I haven’t given up driving lessons yet.

Y’know, despite the odd breakdown here and there mostly around the time of my period when I turn into a weeping insoluble mess and scream about how I will NEVER DRIVE AGAIN, all because I probably stalled the car once in the lesson. Or just didn’t really eat a sufficient amount of food before hand and just get a bit hangry because it’s been 1 hour and 30 minutes since I last ate a biscuit. (I’m such a ray of sunshine to be around, I know)  But I am starting to get somewhere, and feeling determined.

And y’know there is the small matter of fact that I’ll probs be needing a car considering I’ll need it to travel to my *NEW JOB* whaaaaat. I F I N A  L L Y moved up the ladder to a Visual Merchandiser. I start training for 8 weeks on the 28th, then I move onto a different store. I’m so excited to move on with my career and do something different especially in a new environment.

Until I pass my test will be an hour long bus ride so I’ll be needing to stock up a shit load of books because girls phone ain’t gon’ last the trip switching between social media (also nobody is awake and 5/6am to talk to me anyway).


I also finally finished my kitchen tiles! Which granted, probably isn’t the most exciting news for anyone other than me, but if you hated the tiles that were there before as much as I did, it’s a pretty big deal ngl. I will be doing a post on it soon, but I’m holding out until I’ve finished the bathroom as I’m not entirely sure how I want to set it out.

Marble tiles

Something quite awful did happen to me recently too, explained here but I’ve tried to move on from it as quickly as possible, as dwelling and thinking about bad things doesn’t do very well for me mentally, and can send me on a bit of a downward spiral. So I’m staying in lifted spirits and carrying on as normal. But as I mentioned in the post, if you or anyone else is ever in that position, please get help.

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Weekend in London

Last weekend, myself and Marek went to London as we both had the weekend off in order to prematurely celebrate his birthday.

It was such a lovely weekend, even with the EXTREME pain I endured from the stupid shoes I wore. Why are all pretty shoes painful? Like, how in any way is that fair?

We took a ride on the London Eye,  Popped by Queen Lizzys, and visited a museum involving planes where at this point I was a *bit* concerned I wouldn’t ever be able to make Marek leave from the excitement that he almost burst with when we first entered the room. The nerd is strong in this one.



We were ever so kindly upgraded to the honeymoon suite by the hotel when we arrived, which was GORGEOUS. I would 100% recommend The Blakemore Hotel if you’re looking for a nice place to stay.


The second day consisted of us shopping until we literally dropped. And anyone who happens to work in the oxford street Primark, I salute you and pray for you guys. It’s MENTAL in there. I don’t know how staff do it.


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#WhatIWatched |June ’17

I said I would have this post up on time. I lied. It’s 22 days late. I don’t have an excuse. I’m just bad at being consistent sometimes, soz.

But none the less, here it is.


House Of Cards

Frank is back at it again with the corrupt politics that follow his presidency. This series was full of so many interesting twists and turns, and Frank usual one step ahead approach seemed to be pulled to an abrupt halt at the end of this series. I’m a big fan of Claire, and I’m excited to see what chaos entails with her after the many different things that have happened during this season.

Girl Boss

I loved this show. Based on the birth of self proclaimed “girl boss” Sophia Amoruso’s first bussiness “Nasty Gal” and her journey through all the highs and lows it entailed left me feeling inspired to try hard at things I have aspirations in.

I really enjoyed the characters, and relate to the shows “Sophia” and her personality in some aspects. I adore the real life Sophia and her determination and strength to get through everything in life.

I’m quite upset that the second series plans were scrapped because I would have liked to have seen more of her career journey, but I suppose I can only hope she writes a new book about instead.

Orange Is The Black

I really enjoyed this series. It was interesting to see the prison switched up, and follow up on how they dealt with the tragedies of the last season.

It’s definitely the first series in a few of them that I’ve found myself fully interested in again. And dare I say it- I don’t *hate Piper and Alex’s relationship anymore and was actually rooting for them.

American Gods

This was AMAZING. I love all kinds of mythology about Gods. The show was based on Neil Gailman’s book, someone I studied in college, in which we all made adaptations A Calendar Of Tales.

I’m also mind blown after finally finding out what the origin of the Easter bunny was and that it was in fact a god that came BEFORE Jesus.

So next time someone tells me that I’m stupid for celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies I’m going to hit back with the story of Ēostre and how she is the Queen of my celebrations.


Love Island

I REALLY didn’t want to like this. Like, I constantly complain about reality shows, but I’m beaten. It’s hilarious. I love Kem and Chris and wish them so much love in their future bromance. Camilla is the best. She’s one of the nicest people ever and all I want is her to be happy in life. *cries* And as for Liv, she honestly needs a bit of help to understand how she treats others. Not cool mate.


Power Rangers

I think I knew before I even watched this that I didn’t expect it to live up to the classic show. And it didn’t. Like it was okay at best, but honestly I thought it was all very cringe and could have been SO much better executed.

But at the same time I also feel like it didn’t really need to be rebooted. The classics are the classics for a reason.

John Wick II

I love John Wick. Like, everyone wishes they could be that cool.  I’m a bit hurt he didn’t name his dog, but I’ll let it slide as he’s had an emosh life. I didn’t really enjoy Ruby Rose being one of the villains, I felt it could have been played by someone a bit more bad ass.

I’m excited at the prospect of a third film giving the ending, but also feel it will be fine if it’s left as is, leaving it to the imagination of viewers to decide.

(I’m going to try *my best* to upload July on time)

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Beauty Mistakes

Recently, myself and my sister were discussing certain beauty mistakes girls make in life, and how we will try our absolute hardest to make sure any future daughters we have have as few of these as possible.

Because y’know, as funny as it is to look back and laugh about it, shit ain’t cute.

But in the art of reminiscing, I’ve compiled a few of the things I would have liked to not relive every so often when I think I’m having a bad day appearance wise in a violent flashback.


G I R L. I know many many people will relate to the horror story that is their eyebrow history, and to those who have recovered, well done. I admire your strength during their regrowth and I wish you nothing but a full, healthy, strong brow game forever more.

As a young girl, I had naturally  platinum blonde locks and thick, DARK fucking eyebrows. And it wasn’t cute in a Cara Delevingne eat your heart out way, It felt a lot more like Blanca Flores from OITNB.

So what did I do? Get my mum to pluck them. My mum is not a beautician. And although she tried her best (thank you mum) I looked permanently surprised in the most over arched, thin, sperm resembling way ever. So y’know just to make things worse I kept trying to correct them, and they got smaller and smaller.

I’ve struggled for SO long trying to grow them back and make them look half decent and I think after almost 10 years of torture, they’re *finally* getting there.



I’ve been paler that a snowman on Christmas day for my whole life. I have Scottish heritage so my skin never really agrees with the whole “tanning” process and would rather just burn immediately no matter what factor sun cream I slap on. Fun times.

During my teen years, myself and my friend of equally unfortunate pale and likely to burn tendencies wanted that bronzed goddess completion ready for summer, so as our mums were a bit apprehensive about us buying actual self tanners which were pretty expensive, we purchased  a Garnier gradual self tanning moisturizer. This one to be specific.

DISASTER. It smelt awful.  No matter how much you showered it lingered on you. Especially during hot sweaty summer months. Delish. And worst of all, we were fucking orange. Not sun kissed bronze, not golden brown, ORANGE. And we thought we looked fabulous, naturally.

Up until the nauseating smell wore off that was obviously affecting our vision and we realized how ridiculous we actually looked.

I don’t have any photo evidence of the orangeness, but honestly, its for the best.

I’ve now been using St. Moriz for years for all of my tanning needs, and its honestly the best one I’ve ever used and its so cheap!


For some reason still unbeknown, in year 9, I decided that I, an idiot, wanted blonde highlights. Once again, as my mum is not a professional, it was YELLOW. And back then, the world of beauty was still quite foreign to me, so purple shampoo wasn’t there to save me.

Not to mention the whole “Cara” eyebrow thing I had going on, DARK thick eyebrows with my fab yellow hair? Awful.

Fortunately, I decided to dye my hair chocolate brown when I was 16, and I’ve never looked back since.



I’ve had bad skin since I was around 11 years old. mostly down to genetics, but now I believe that some it was also down to the way I looked after it. I used a face washes from to time, such as the Netrogena grapfruit face scrub, which although looked nice and smelled nice, did NOTHING for my skin and I feel probably irritated it more if anything.

When I started wearing make up, on the odd occasion I actually did take my make up off before bed (Iknow okay) I used BABY WIPES to take it off. Not even make up wipes. Baby wipes.

Although I still have a bit of scarring and the odd few spots, My face actually looks quite clear thanks to the face that I now y’know ACTUALLY look after it. I micellar water to remove make up initially, and then Liz Earle cleansing polish to make sure everything is off of my face.



As I think every other girl my age did, when I first started using foundation, I used the infamous dream matte mousse. 3 shades too dark for my face, greasy, and to top it off, i’d put a bit on my lips too, because y’know apparently it was attractive to look like a fucking corpse.

Now I’ve realized the importance of quality in foundations, I know what skin type I have and what to avoid so that my forehead isn’t so shiny you could see your own reflection in it.

I’m sure in ten years I’ll be writing another post on how embarrassing everything I do now is.

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#WhatIWatched |April/May ’17


I am BEHIND in this series. And I don’t have any other excuse other than the truth which is; I lost motivation for everything, and it will probably happen again because it’s the type of person I am and so far, I haven’t found a solution to it yet as much as it frustrates me.

However, luckily, I am able to combine the last 2 months I need to catch up on, because other than one trip to the cinema, I watched the same few series over both months. So all in all, a win for me, and ~hopefully~ normal scheduled posting and the end of the month should resume.



I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t super interested in this at the start, but it grew on me. The cute 3 musketeer type friendship the group had and the trials and tribulations it faced as the series progressed were stress for me at times, I won’t lie. The villains were amazing, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


13 Reasons Why

Now I know I’ve heard a few people with mixed opinions on this show, but I did like it. Every episode I was gripped into wanting to find out what happened next. Although an extremely tragic storyline, I think the importance of educating people on how big an effect you can have on someones life from the way you treat them (even if you think it wasn’t a big deal) is SO needed. I’m however not sure how I feel about a second series, I think it could have been left where it was.


This show left me so pleasantly surprised! When I first saw the promo photo in the advertisement on Netflix, I was like uhh that looks LAME as hell, turns out, I am in fact, an idiot. I think because I knew it was based off of Archie Comics, it would kind of be all “gee wiz, Betty!” peppy until you’re sick kind of feel, but good ol’ Jughead set the tone straight away that what was about to be witnessed was not all sunshine and rainbows. I NEED IT TO COME BACK ON NOW WITH ALL THEIR PRETTY FACES.


Shameless (UK VERSION)

I am going to say this once and once only. Shameless UK is the BEST. I refuse to watch the american version, because all US remakes of British shows are TRASH. (with the exception of The Office I’ll give them that) I know its probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I love the Chatsworth Estate. They’re the epitome of all the different characters on estate you’re likely to find and I love it.


Guardians Of The Galaxy II

The Starlord is back bitchessss. First of all- BABY GROOT IS LIFE. He’s he cutest thing ever and I want one immediately. Although I don’t think it was as good as the first film, I feel like it definitely has an important underlying message that just because someone is your family by blood, doesn’t necessarily make them a better person than your close friends (or adoptive families) that you already have.


I’m now off to my second ever driving lesson (whaaat) which I currently am so anxious about I might throw up. Yaaaay.

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