#WhatIWatched |June ’17

I said I would have this post up on time. I lied. It’s 22 days late. I don’t have an excuse. I’m just bad at being consistent sometimes, soz.

But none the less, here it is.


House Of Cards

Frank is back at it again with the corrupt politics that follow his presidency. This series was full of so many interesting twists and turns, and Frank usual one step ahead approach seemed to be pulled to an abrupt halt at the end of this series. I’m a big fan of Claire, and I’m excited to see what chaos entails with her after the many different things that have happened during this season.

Girl Boss

I loved this show. Based on the birth of self proclaimed “girl boss” Sophia Amoruso’s first bussiness “Nasty Gal” and her journey through all the highs and lows it entailed left me feeling inspired to try hard at things I have aspirations in.

I really enjoyed the characters, and relate to the shows “Sophia” and her personality in some aspects. I adore the real life Sophia and her determination and strength to get through everything in life.

I’m quite upset that the second series plans were scrapped because I would have liked to have seen more of her career journey, but I suppose I can only hope she writes a new book about instead.

Orange Is The Black

I really enjoyed this series. It was interesting to see the prison switched up, and follow up on how they dealt with the tragedies of the last season.

It’s definitely the first series in a few of them that I’ve found myself fully interested in again. And dare I say it- I don’t *hate Piper and Alex’s relationship anymore and was actually rooting for them.

American Gods

This was AMAZING. I love all kinds of mythology about Gods. The show was based on Neil Gailman’s book, someone I studied in college, in which we all made adaptations A Calendar Of Tales.

I’m also mind blown after finally finding out what the origin of the Easter bunny was and that it was in fact a god that came BEFORE Jesus.

So next time someone tells me that I’m stupid for celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies I’m going to hit back with the story of Ēostre and how she is the Queen of my celebrations.


Love Island

I REALLY didn’t want to like this. Like, I constantly complain about reality shows, but I’m beaten. It’s hilarious. I love Kem and Chris and wish them so much love in their future bromance. Camilla is the best. She’s one of the nicest people ever and all I want is her to be happy in life. *cries* And as for Liv, she honestly needs a bit of help to understand how she treats others. Not cool mate.


Power Rangers

I think I knew before I even watched this that I didn’t expect it to live up to the classic show. And it didn’t. Like it was okay at best, but honestly I thought it was all very cringe and could have been SO much better executed.

But at the same time I also feel like it didn’t really need to be rebooted. The classics are the classics for a reason.

John Wick II

I love John Wick. Like, everyone wishes they could be that cool.  I’m a bit hurt he didn’t name his dog, but I’ll let it slide as he’s had an emosh life. I didn’t really enjoy Ruby Rose being one of the villains, I felt it could have been played by someone a bit more bad ass.

I’m excited at the prospect of a third film giving the ending, but also feel it will be fine if it’s left as is, leaving it to the imagination of viewers to decide.

(I’m going to try *my best* to upload July on time)

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