#WhatIWatched |April/May ’17


I am BEHIND in this series. And I don’t have any other excuse other than the truth which is; I lost motivation for everything, and it will probably happen again because it’s the type of person I am and so far, I haven’t found a solution to it yet as much as it frustrates me.

However, luckily, I am able to combine the last 2 months I need to catch up on, because other than one trip to the cinema, I watched the same few series over both months. So all in all, a win for me, and ~hopefully~ normal scheduled posting and the end of the month should resume.



I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t super interested in this at the start, but it grew on me. The cute 3 musketeer type friendship the group had and the trials and tribulations it faced as the series progressed were stress for me at times, I won’t lie. The villains were amazing, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


13 Reasons Why

Now I know I’ve heard a few people with mixed opinions on this show, but I did like it. Every episode I was gripped into wanting to find out what happened next. Although an extremely tragic storyline, I think the importance of educating people on how big an effect you can have on someones life from the way you treat them (even if you think it wasn’t a big deal) is SO needed. I’m however not sure how I feel about a second series, I think it could have been left where it was.


This show left me so pleasantly surprised! When I first saw the promo photo in the advertisement on Netflix, I was like uhh that looks LAME as hell, turns out, I am in fact, an idiot. I think because I knew it was based off of Archie Comics, it would kind of be all “gee wiz, Betty!” peppy until you’re sick kind of feel, but good ol’ Jughead set the tone straight away that what was about to be witnessed was not all sunshine and rainbows. I NEED IT TO COME BACK ON NOW WITH ALL THEIR PRETTY FACES.


Shameless (UK VERSION)

I am going to say this once and once only. Shameless UK is the BEST. I refuse to watch the american version, because all US remakes of British shows are TRASH. (with the exception of The Office I’ll give them that) I know its probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I love the Chatsworth Estate. They’re the epitome of all the different characters on estate you’re likely to find and I love it.


Guardians Of The Galaxy II

The Starlord is back bitchessss. First of all- BABY GROOT IS LIFE. He’s he cutest thing ever and I want one immediately. Although I don’t think it was as good as the first film, I feel like it definitely has an important underlying message that just because someone is your family by blood, doesn’t necessarily make them a better person than your close friends (or adoptive families) that you already have.


I’m now off to my second ever driving lesson (whaaat) which I currently am so anxious about I might throw up. Yaaaay.

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