I’m ‘Boring’ And Why I’m Okay With That


Today, I am having major holiday blues. Facebook did that fab thing where it reminds you what you were doing “this time a year ago” and up popped a photo of me and Marek chillin’ on the beach in Mexico.

I’ve low key been sulking all week about it as it is tbh, because it was one of the rare times I did “do something”  and yet this year, I am sitting in bed, in England, waiting to leave for work. TRAGIC.

However, I also remember, that I LIKE being at home. And even while I was in Mexico, I was 100% ready to come home like a day before my holiday ended. I know at this current moment time I do wish I was almost 5000 miles away on a beach in the sea (YES I googled how far away it was) but the difference is, whenever I get upset because I see people on social media out every night somewhere exciting or on holiday every 3 weeks, I try to remind myself I’d hate that. I’d be EXHAUSTED.

I’d much rather spend my days off literally just slobbing it out at home in front of the tv, a big ‘ol cup of tea in hand, binging a tv show or playing a few games (Breath Of The Wild is my current โค) than having a packed weekend full of socializing with different people. And that’s okay.

I always feel embarrassed when I book a week or so off of work, and people ask what I did and I say “not much really” because I feel like people think i’m about as fun as a led balloon if I don’t list them a huge list of things I did like, bungy jumping off of Big Ben or swimming with sharks, but if I enjoyed myself “doing nothing” what’s the problem?

I think, sometimes it’s what puts me off of blogging too, because I don’t have something to brag about every post, I feel like there’s nothing to write about, so I’ve decided to give myself a break. This is my blog, so even if I feel like it’s boring af, I’m going to post it, because it’s interesting to me.


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