#WhatIWatched | March ’17

I’m really annoyed at myself that I haven’t been uploading these right at the end of the month, I also didn’t even write down all the things I watched so I’m now racking my brains to remember everything. Good one mate.



This is the second season of this series I’m watching, and this season was a love/ hate thing. It’s a really realistic portrayal of what a relationship is like between two people with different issues, not being romanticized in anyway, but also it took a few turns with Mickey where I began to stop liking her and relating with her, and basically, thinking she was just being a real dick. It’s an interesting story, but I’m not sure how many series this show can have before it starts getting a bit sad and stale.

Iron Fist

We realized after starting to watch this that we were supposed to watch Daredevil (more on that in April’s post) before this. It’s not an entire necessity, but a lot of the things going on in the show are linked with it, as are the other Marvel shows, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I really enjoyed the show, although Danny has the cliche “both my parents died when I was a kid” backstory, It’s actually linked to the underlying story that connects the rest of the Marvel shows. So I’ll let it go. I’m still very confused as to what his true quest in life is, but judging by the ending episode, the story is far from over.


The Nice Guys

I’d heard this was quite funny, so I popped it on during a visit from my family, and it had Ryan Gosling in it, so it’s a persuasion in itself, really. Ryan plays a clumsy, quite frankly quite incompetent detective, who teams up with Russell Crowe’s character (equally as disheveled and dodge)  in an attempt to uncover the truth surrounding a porn actresses death, in a pretty comedic style. I really enjoy Ryan’s comedy roles, his characters usually have that cocky, dry sense of humor/ just plain idiocy (he screams in horror pretty high pitched more that once in this) a good watch.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

I’ll admit, I wasn’t actually super enthusiastic about this film when it came out, and was in no rush to watch it, but I found myself presently surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I thought the mythical beasts would look a tad lame and too “fake” but, honestly, they looked amazing and I actually uttered a “wow” when he climbed inside his bag and revealed them all. I loved the character of Creedence (Ezra Miller), I thought he did an amazing job. Not so sure how I feel about Johnny Depp as a character in the HP universe, but we’ll see how that goes.


First of all, any film with Tom Hanks involved is always a yes from me. I just love him so much 😩 this film was one of his more serious roles however, in a *true story* about a pilot who is forced to land his plane in the Hudson river, following engine failure. Planes breaking is legit my biggest fear whether I’m in the sky or on the ground (I get worried ill be squashed one day donnie darko style) but if this captain was in control I’d live to tell the tale.


Now. Chris Pratt is hilarious and I could watch him and his strange insta stories/ snaps all day. But this film honestly wasn’t the best. It was watchable, but the plot of two people waking up on a ship in space 90 or so years too early from their destination isn’t super exciting.

The Arrival

This film messed my brain up. So much confusion and feelings. I can honestly say this is one of the very few alien films I enjoyed and would watch again. It doesn’t take much for me to start rolling my eyes when extra terrestrial beings are involved, but this I was actually impressed by and pulled in. A very good watch. 


What an amazingly visual film. The story line didn’t rely on a love story sub plot, it was all about a strong female lead, going out on a journey and not giving up even when everyone else told her she should. She’s definitely one of my new favourite princesses, alongside Mulan and Merida, who I think are fantastic role models for young  impressionable girls.



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